Our resort is equipped with all kinds of outdoor activities that you can participate in - right from cycling along the scenic green landscape to the horse-buggy rides on the beach. We have something for everybody - from the intellectuals to the sports enthusiasts. And of course, all the gear required for your fun activities like beach volleyball, kite flying etc. that you can enjoy with your family and friends.


Ever wanted to enjoy an entire stretch of a golden beach on a horse-driven buggy with the gentle evening sea breeze whistling by your ears. Come and enjoy one to your heart's leisure every evening at the Kelva beach and experience the thrill of a lifetime. We guarantee you no screeching kids, no hawkers and no beach garbage. Just pure fun.


If you are feeling tired of the lazing and want work up some sweat for the day. Then grab a badminton racquet and exercise yourself on our in-house badminton court anytime you desire the game.


We also have facilities for a game of beach volleyball. Just let our staff know about your groups desire to play the game and they will set it up for you within a few minutes.


We also have a portable table-tennis board for your ping pong desires right inside the resort. Play a good game of ping pong with your partner to improve your reflexes especially those required to savour the evening barbeque.


Ever experienced the thrill of kite-flying on a beach with your beloved one's. Watch them feel the thrill of their childhood while making the kite do cart-wheels and waltzing with the sky. A once-in-a-lifetime experience to cherish forever.

We also have other board games like carrom and playing cards in case you want to still maintain the totally parked-butt position at the resort. Just ask the manager to help you out with their setups.